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Task Templates

Templates define how to run an Ansible Playbook. The template allows you to specify the following parameters:
  • Playbook repository
  • Playbook filename
  • Inventory
  • Environment
  • Vault password file
  • Extra CLI arguments
  • and much more
The task template can be one of the following types:


Just runs specified playbooks with specified parameters.


This type of template should be used to create artifacts. The start version of the artifact can be specified in a template parameter. Each run increments the artifact version.
Semaphore doesn't support artifacts out-of-box, it only provides task versioning. You should implement the artifact creation yourself. Read the article CI/CD to know how to do this.


This type of template should be used to deploy artifacts to the destination servers. Each deploy template is associated with a build template.
This allows you to deploy a specific version of the artifact to the servers.